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From Chronic Stress to Balance, The Transformative Power of Traditional Chinese Medicine

“I was not sleeping well, and feeling stressed and run down,” describes Karla Zens, entrepreneur and owner of The JellyBus, remembering the first time she walked into an acupuncture treatment at East West Health Services. “When I stepped out into the street immediately afterward, I had a feeling of euphoria.” Fast forward four years; today, Karla feels healthier than ever in her body, mind, and spirit thanks to Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

At first, Karla looked to acupuncture to address general malaise resulting from poor self-care.

“I was stuck in a routine: sitting in front of a computer, not breathing properly, not sleeping enough, and definitely not practicing work life balance,” she recalls.

After her initial appointment, Karla began walking five blocks from her office to the downtown San Francisco clinic regularly to experience the physical benefits of acupuncture, making space for health and well-being in her busy routine.

“The atmosphere at East West is so welcoming and positive. I spend a lot of my life attending to my work, responsibilities, and to other people. At the clinic, I always feel taken care of.”

Sabine Huey, L.Ac, looked deeply into Karla’s chronic symptoms of sluggishness, bloat, sugar cravings, and cold hands and feet, in order to address their root cause. She determined that Karla had liver Qi stagnation due to chronic stress.

“Qi is that vital energy that contributes to our state of health. It is everywhere in our body from bone to skin. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners direct Qi using acupuncture and other modalities in order to treat a wide range of health conditions,” says Sabine.

Sabine utilized weekly acupuncture treatments alongside specific herbal formulas to smooth Karla’s liver Qi and tonify her spleen Qi (the vital energy for digestion).

“We also replaced cold foods with warm soups, teas, and cooked vegetables in order to optimize digestive energy and replenish spleen Qi,” says Sabine.

With Sabine’s guidance, Karla is now cooking regularly with whole, seasonal ingredients. She enjoys creating and choosing warm, nourishing foods over cold smoothies, salads, and other trendy health foods that did not agree with her body.

“I have learned to adapt my diet and eat in a way that is more in harmony with what I need,” Karla reflects.

Beyond nutrition, Karla has incorporated more mindfulness and physical exercise into her life, including breath work, yoga, and qigong. As a result, she feels lighter than ever, more energetic, and happier.

“I am not the most health-conscious person. I don’t consider myself a free-spirited, highly open-minded individual. But acupuncture is my commitment to myself every week. It helps me be more mindful. And it has changed my life!”

Karla ZensOwner of The JellyBus