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In Chinese culture, Spring is known as the season of the wood element – liver. Tips for renewed health in the Spring include going to bed by 11 PM for deep sleep, as this is beneficial to the liver in aiding detoxification. You may experience dry mouth with light headache, dizziness, or dry eyes, if sleep is impeded. Young adults need 8 hours of sleep; people who are over 60 years old need 7 hours; people who are over 80 need 8-9 hours; for those who have chronic conditions and weak constitution, it is recommended to go to bed by 9 PM. Having a set time for bed in Spring is also good for the liver.

As Spring becomes warmer, enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, walking in parks, and practicing Tai Chi are all beneficial in smoothing the liver’s energy movement.

Additionally, Spring diets may be improved with lower acidity. Consuming more acidity, such as from citrus fruits, will add energy to the liver and cause the liver’s energy to rise, which in turn, could lead to irritability and possibly hypertension. Taking in moderate amount of fresh sweet fruits, vegetables and food are recommended. Avoid spicy, fried, BBQ, cold, hard, difficult to digest types of food.


This information is provided by y Esther J. Chen, L.Ac., our licensed acupuncturist.

*This article is a general guideline. To find a treatment plan tailored to you, please talk to us or a licensed acupuncturist.