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Success Stories

Reviews from our wonderful patients

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Relief from osteoarthritis – D.H.

Cecilia has been terrific in helping me understand how to use Chinese medicine treatments to deal with my osteoarthritis flare ups, insomnia and blood sugar management. Not only did she successfully treat me for my hip and back pain with acupuncture, she also explained what foods to eat more of and what to avoid to keep me in the best wellness condition for my age. I have gone for multiple treatments for over 2 months now and can attest to the efficacy of the treatments for my symptoms. But, very importantly I have derived some long term benefits in educating me on a preventive basis. I like the CHEWS approach to act on warning signals and do more through natural methods to prevent the trigger from happening or at least delaying for as long as possible. Aging is inevitable but one can manage it nicely or just let it overwhelm you. I think CHEWS helps to keep you in control of it! All of the staff are wonderful, starting from Stefanie at the front desk to all of the practitioners. I have been treated by Portia and Cecilia and can attest you will be in good hands!

Freedom from debilitating fatigue – K.R.

Their office is immaculate, brand new, and quiet. Their staff is very professional. It’s a first-class operation. I saw Merissa, and after a long and thorough interview she determined I had “almost a textbook case of deficient spleen qi”. Being a European, I had no idea what this was, but I was eager to try working on it to see what’d happen. What happened was a night and day change. My energy level went up dramatically, almost to where it was when I was younger. Within only a few treatments and herbs, the dull pain in my liver subsided, my appetite improved, I started having enough energy to exercise, I’ve been able to think more clearly, got a lot more work done than I have in a long time, and have generally felt worlds better. I’m very thankful for this resource, and for it being covered under insurance. I’ve continued to feel better, and we’ve started working on other things that people tend to go to acupuncture for, like muscle tension. I can say, if you haven’t tried acupuncture, go for it, and don’t be afraid of the needles. This is a top of the line clinic and their staff is talented and fantastic.

Healing chronic throat pain – E.L.

From start to finish, a quality clinic! Everyone there is warm, personable and pleasant, striving to provide a positive experience from the moment you first schedule an appointment, to coming in and consulting with the individual who will be working with you on your treatments. My acupuncturist spent a long period of time with me in discussing my general health and particular reason for coming in for treatment, and took my health concerns very seriously. She was highly professional, yet compassionate and caring in discussing my upcoming course of treatment; she answered all questions in a patient manner, and described what she was doing when I went through my first acupuncture session. All flowed smoothly and painlessly, and I walked out of the clinic buoyed for the first time with a feeling of hope and optimism.

Six sessions later I still walk out of the clinic happy, knowing that the aching and discomfort in my throat have subsided a good 65% and no longer remains the negative focal point of my life. Now I no longer make my throat pain the focus of my life and am able to see friends and talk for short periods without that severity of stabbing pain in my throat after. I have every confidence my condition will continue to improve, and my general overall health has improved, as well, plus I’m sleeping more deeply. Having the acupuncture treatments has opened a window of hope for me.

No more lower back pain – H.C.

I have been healthy, but as age advances, little aches and pains occur for seemingly no reason. Portia took my pulse on both wrists, and asked, “Are you having pain on the right side of your lower back?” Oh my gosh, was she ever correct! It was something that I had been experiencing, but it wasn’t bad enough to tell her about before she took my pulse. Anyway, after the relaxing acupuncture session, complete with warming lamps all over, I went home, feeling calm and of course, the lower back pain was gone.

Improved physical and emotional well-being – S.B.

I have been receiving weekly treatments from Portia for nearly three months and have experienced a remarkable improvement in both my physical and emotional well-being. She is attentive to detail, very caring, and I have complete confidence in her ability to heal. The clinic is very comfortable and serene, which provides the perfect setting for Portia’s magic.