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In Chinese medicine, we pay special attention to the affects the seasons have on the body. Watermelon is a seasonal fruit that is sweet and cold in nature. It relieves summer heat, quenches thirst, and is a great food for combating those sweltering sunny days.

Easy summer dessert recipe:

  • 1 package sago pearls
  • 2 cans coconut milk (sweetened/unsweetened)
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Watermelon diced into small cubes

Boil a large pot of water. Add sago and cook on medium high heat for about 15 minutes or until the pearls are translucent. Pour the sago into a colander and rinse under cold water until the water is clear. Set the sago aside in a water bath. Pour coconut milk into a small saucepan and add additional sugar if desired. Add the sago pearls back and turn off the heat. Top with watermelon cubes and enjoy! This dessert can be served warm or chilled.

CAUTION: Watermelon may be too cooling for those with weak constitutions. Try substituting with mango, melons or taro.

Information provided by Amy Jiang, Lac., our Licensed Acupuncturist.

*This article is a general guideline. To find a treatment plan tailored to you, please talk to us or a licensed acupuncturist