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About Us

Chinese Hospital East West Health Services is a community-based hospital clinic specializing in Chinese Medicine, a holistic system of health based on the philosophy that harmony and balance are the source of wellness.

Our providers include licensed acupuncturists, herbalists and massage therapists. We partner with a range of allopathic and complementary health practitioners, researchers, and educators to support our patients in a holistic approach to health.

Conveniently located in San Francisco Chinatown/ Financial District and Daly City, our clinics are open to everyone, accepts many health insurance plans and offers affordable self-pay rates.

Our Approach

Our passion for holistic health and our commitment to helping people be well defines the core of our practice. We understand that health is more than an outcome; it is a dynamic process that involves the body, mind, and spirit. Our services, our classes and our space are designed to support people’s ongoing process of healing and maintaining health.

Because each individual is unique, the clinic offers a range of services in different therapeutic spaces to meet individuals’ varying needs and preferences. At the heart of our clinic is our Community Room, a tranquil and beautiful space where patients can enjoy relaxing and receiving treatment in a collective healing environment. Often illness, injury and uncertainty about one’s health can leave one feeling lonely and isolated. Our Community Room provides a space where one can experience healing in the company of others. At times, people also require or prefer a more private setting for their treatment, so we also have a number of private spaces available for those who require or prefer this treatment environment.

In addition to providing therapeutic services, we provide and promote education to inform, empower and inspire people and providers to safely and effectively integrate holistic healing modalities, including but not limited to Chinese Medicine.

Mission and History

Our mission is to create optimal wellbeing through holistic Chinese Medicine services and education.

Chinese Hospital East West Health Services was formed through the vision, dedication and efforts of many who believe in the benefit of safe, effective integration of complementary healing modalities.

Drawing from our cultural roots, Chinese Hospital is proud to offer and advance the practice of Chinese Medicine to serve the healthcare needs of people today and for generations to come.